On December 6, 2019, the ten ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Biogas Industrialization" (Development and Reform Energy Regulation [2019] No. 1895, hereinafter referred to as "Guiding Opinions"). The guidance issued a clear signal to the market that the country will accelerate the pace of the transformation and upgrading of the biomass energy industry. In the future, non-electricity utilization (biogas, clean heating, liquid fuel, etc.) will become the main mode of biomass energy utilization.

Highlights of the guidance include:

,生物天然气具备一定规模,形成绿色低碳清洁可再生燃气新兴产业, 生物天然气年产量超过100亿立方米。 1. Development target: By 2025 , bio-natural gas will have a certain scale, and a green, low-carbon, clean and renewable gas emerging industry will be formed, with an annual output of bio-natural gas exceeding 10 billion cubic meters. 生物天然气实现稳步发展。 By 2030, biogas will achieve steady development. ,占国内天然气产量一定比重。 Its scale ranks in the forefront of the world, and the annual output of biological natural gas exceeds 20 billion cubic meters , accounting for a certain proportion of domestic natural gas production.

2. Optimize the layout according to the amount of resources, focusing on a single 10,000-30,000 cubic meters per day project, promote the entire county, meet the requirements of industrialization, and build a sustainable operation project for the commercialization of biological natural gas .

3. Encourage gas business enterprises to develop and construct bio-natural gas projects in accordance with the layout of urban gas development. National oil and gas companies will support conventional natural gas distribution for investment and construction projects and for gas operating companies incorporated in the gas pipeline network to consume bio-natural gas.

4. Expand the diversified application fields of biological natural gas, promote the integrated and integrated operation of gas supply, heating, cooling, and power supply, design and develop a method system for carbon emission reduction of biological natural gas, and promote participation in carbon emissions trading.

5. Exploit the application of bio-natural gas in the cooking and heating of urban residents, integration into urban gas pipeline networks, power generation, transportation fuels, boiler fuels, industrial raw materials and other fields. Distribute distributed biogas as an important supplement to local natural gas, and strengthen the coordination of biogas planning and conventional natural gas development planning.

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