Chinese New Year

It ’s a warm time for family reunion,

The friends around you must be gearing up,

Welcome to the New Year!

Whether it ’s home or work,

There will be such a group,

They will be during the Spring Festival holiday,

Sacrifice time for reuniting with family,

Stick to his post,

Guarding the warmth of every little home

They are great loved ones!

Pay tribute to all the enthusiasts who work on the job!

In this issue, let's walk into Tangshan Thermal Power, Qinhuangdao Thermal Power, Jinan Thermal Power, Dafa Energy, Dalian Kai Thermal, Anyang Yi and Thermal Power together to see their busy and warm figures ...

Tangshan Heat

——Stand through the night, rush to protect the heat

On the afternoon of January 1, 2020, the central dispatching room of the Tangshan Heating Corporation based on the big data comparison of the day's water replenishment. The pipeline network company's key network inspection found that the main heating line of Jianhua Road (east of Longze Road) leaked Failure, Tangshan Thermal immediately launched an emergency plan to organize rescue.

The main reason for the leakage of the pipeline network was that from December 30, 2019 to January 1, 2020, the urban heat source experienced a rapid decrease in temperature and then a rapid increase in temperature. The expansion and contraction caused by rapid changes in heating temperature in a short period of time Force far exceeds the inherent bearing capacity of the heating pipe network and facilities. Leak point failures mainly affect the heat supply of 22 communities along Jianshe Road (National Defense Road to Yuhua Road) and Weiguo Road (Beixin Road to Changhong Road).

After the omissions were verified, relevant leaders of the head office were on-site office, on-site supervision, and stood by all night.

The central dispatch room immediately launched the emergency plan:

The first is to mobilize the emergency rescue team of the pipeline network company to rush to the scene for rescue;

The second is to issue dispatching instructions immediately, according to the plan in time to cut the network operation, minimize the fault area, and increase the heat supply of other heat sources;

The third is to promptly issue rescue announcements to inform users;

Fourth, the customer service center is densely wired, and the user's explanation work is done as soon as possible.

After more than 80 rescue personnel and more than 10 rescue vehicles and equipments from Tangshan Heat, the pipe network was filled with water on the 2nd, and the temperature gradually increased gradually.

Qinhuangdao Heat

——Increase supervision and inspection to ensure a peaceful year

In order to make customer service work more detailed and practical, and form a service closed loop to ensure that the majority of hot customers spend a warm and peaceful Spring Festival, Qinhuangdao Thermal Power Corporation continues to improve the quality and level of customer service. Near the Spring Festival, the company organized a customer service supervision checking work.

Since entering January, the company's heating service work has become stable. In response to the completion of current service indicators, the Customer Service Supervision Section of the head office checked related work such as service log filling, mayor hotline statements and feedback, and implementation of heat meter measurement in the basic management stations of each heating branch; Spot checks were also performed on hot user files, visit temperature sheets, user repair records, and return visits to the maintenance office.

Through the supervision and inspection of the completion of various indicators, timely identify problems in customer service work and timely supervise and resolve rectifications, so as to continuously improve the level of customer service at the grassroots level, enhance service awareness, and improve user satisfaction. Ensure that the heating service works in an orderly manner during the festival.

Jinan Thermal Power

——People give thanks for their services

On December 19th, the staff of Zhaofeng Road community, Heping District, Tianjin, represented the users of the community, and sent the banner of "charging charcoal in the snow to keep people warm", to the Jinan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.'s Peace Heating Management Office. Praise the good spirit of service commitment and positive social responsibility.

Jin'an Thermal Power Co., Ltd.'s Peaceful Heating Management Office combines the theme education of “Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, actively exerts the role of party members as pioneers, continuously improves the quality of service, optimizes the business environment, and implements “service in place and sincerity” Service concept, actively carry out the "government heating is not hot, send warmth to home" special governance activities, based on finding problems and thoroughly solving the problem of heat consumption by users in the jurisdiction.

Since entering the 2019-2020 heating season, the party branch of the department has led youth commandos to conduct surveys and surveys of users with problems in heating in peaceful areas, understand the actual heat consumption situation in the users' homes, and check out the existing problems one by one. The cause of the problem is to solve the heat problem from the source of the problem by adjusting the balance of the pipe network.

Due to the poor overall structure of houses in the old districts of Heping District and the severe ventilation of doors and windows, which directly affect the heating effect, in order to ensure that the indoor temperature of users is treated by loose coal, the department actively uses the non-heating season to carry out the heating of long-term houses and old houses. The pipeline reconstruction project actively installs 3M windproof stickers in the users 'homes to reduce the cold wind penetration of doors and windows, increase the indoor temperature, and make the users' houses in the area warmer and warmer.

I learned that the old neighborhoods were mostly elderly people. The department also actively contacted the community and proactively visited users in the area. It created special files for the five-guarantee households, lonely elderly, disabled people, and poor households in the area, targeting specific users. To meet the actual needs and difficulties, to extend the service with love and care for special groups with practical actions.

An elderly grandmother in the district of peaceful heating is an lonely old man. The living environment is extremely rude. Due to the special circumstances of the elderly, the department of peaceful heating has added heating radiators and posted seals for free to ensure the indoor temperature. During the user's visit, it was learned that there was only two elderly people in a user's home in Anshan Road Bungalow in Heping District, and one of them was seriously ill and stayed in bed for a long time. The temperature in the room could not meet the needs of the patient. The user installs radiators for free, which completely solves this problem that plagues users.

In the next step, the Jin'an Thermal Power and Peaceful Heat Supply Department will continue to do a good job in providing heating services to special users in its jurisdiction. It will take the initiative to make regular visits, take care of special groups with practical actions, and strive to warm people's hearts with warmth. While stabilizing high-quality heating, it will effectively warm Passed to the user's mind.

Daihatsu Energy

——Quality service, original intention

Dafa Energy Branch of SPIC Northeast Electric Power Co., Ltd., as the main unit of heating in Dalian, has always stood at the height of politics, the overall situation and the protection of people's livelihood, fully understood the importance of doing a good job in heating, and effectively strengthened its responsibility Take responsibility, actively fulfill social responsibilities, enhance the living happiness of the people in Dalian, and strive to build a high-quality and efficient heating service brand.

▲ In the early stage of heating, the company walked into residential areas to meet the needs of users

Popularize heating common sense for heat users with easy-to-understand methods

In the early stage of heating, the company carried out continuous publicity on heating technology innovation, service innovation, and heating common sense, proactively catered to residents' living needs, and the promotion effect was greatly improved. The video "Teach you how to ventilate heating" was posted on the learning power platform. After entering the heating period, the company's initiative to provide on-site services and assist users in solving problems has been greatly appreciated by the heat users, and has also been affirmed by the media. "Multiple measures to send" warmth "to millions of households," "Installing wind curtains to raise room temperature to warm the hearts of the people" were published on Xinhuanet and mainstream 双彩网papers in Dalian.

Maintenance and technical reforms do not relax, smart heating will live. Before the start of the heating period this winter, the company carried out targeted technical transformation of pipe networks and heat exchange stations, optimized the layout of the pipe network, and focused on solving areas based on the key and difficult problems reflected by the heat users during the previous year's heating period. Unreasonable differential pressure, high resistance, insufficient pressure, etc. At the same time, in the initial stage of heating, the company flexibly adjusted the operating parameters such as high-temperature water flow and supply and return water temperature according to the outdoor temperature and the operating conditions of the pipe network, and remotely monitored the heating pipe network and heat exchange station. The air temperature adjusts the heating temperature and heating flow in time to change the life and facilitate life with the power of technology.

▲ Neat dress, professional attitude, kind greetings, we use the pen in our hand

用我们的行动去解决您的生活困扰 Record your every problem and use our actions to solve your life troubles

The implementation of full customer service has significantly improved service quality. The company has taken effective measures to strengthen user complaints and on-site service supervision and assessment in the early stage of heating to ensure high-quality and efficient handling of problems reflected by users. At the same time, strengthen cooperation with urban heat supply authorities and street communities, and actively carry out "three-level joint visits and tripartite interactions" to promptly resolve users' heating demands on,, and district heating supervision platforms. As of now,,, Citizens Hotline 12345 and district heating supervision platforms have received a total of 1,447 complaints, a decrease of 1664 from the same period last year, a decrease of approximately 53.49%, and a settlement rate of 100%. Compared with the same period last year, the number of cases dropped by 621, a decrease of about 63.30%, and the settlement rate reached 100%, an increase of about 14.17% over the same period last year. The company refined the quality service measures with actual actions, and comprehensively reduced the number of complaints from users at the initial stage of heating.

Dalian Kaizhe

——Be concerned about the people's livelihood and serve all users

"Hello, we are employees of the Dalian Kaire Branch of SPIC Northeast Electric Power Co., Ltd., and would like to see the heating situation in your home." Recently, with the knock on the door, employees of Dalian Kaire Branch started another day of heating and maintenance work.

After the two cold spells, Ben Than's temperature dropped sharply. In order to enable the general public to truly feel the warmth of centralized heating in the cold winter, the National Electricity Investment Corporation Northeast Electric Power Co., Ltd. Dalian Kai Heating Branch fully implemented the work philosophy of "all employees serve users", starting from the height of the people's livelihood and enhancing Starting with a sense of responsibility and service, we will make every effort to increase customer satisfaction, improve the quality of heating, and enhance the happiness of the people.

▲ The company's staff inspected carefully, worked overtime, the first time

The double steam pipe network runs normally, only to protect the warmth of every household

In the process of serving thermal users, the company always regards the collection of heat charges, maintenance services, and room temperature monitoring as the work focus of the public, strengthens the awareness of active service, requires maintenance personnel to conduct temperature measurement regularly, and carefully fills in temperature measurement sheets. Steps and processes to strengthen services. At the same time, by adding WeChat public account business functions and setting up a complaint repair service phone, etc., users who have reported repairs have adopted “records before repairs and feedback after repairs”. At present, a total of 51 complaints have been received from users, with a repair resolution rate of 100. %, The solution satisfaction rate reaches 100%, and the room temperature pass rate of thermal users has always remained above 100%.

▲ In the cold wind, Chen Wanmin, a service technician of the user service center

Examining and judging the location of the leakage point of the heating pipe network with a listening stick

During the heating period, these maintenance specialists often braved the cold wind and carried maintenance tools between the heating stations and residential buildings. They responded to the difficulties and problems encountered by their jurisdictions. They fulfilled their original mission with practical actions, played a role model, and displayed the heating brand image of “National Power Investment, Intelligent Heating, Intimate Service, and Warmth”.

Seventy-three heat exchange stations, a heating area of 5.46 million square meters, a length of 13,600 meters of the steam network, 56 steam users, and more than 466,000 heat users. The company guards the warmth of the people's home with heart, guards the original intention of "I work hard, warms ten million homes" with responsibility and dedication, and steadily advances to the goal of building a first-class district heating enterprise.

Anyang Yihe Heat

——Top wind and snow catching repairs, working hard and warming millions

On January 6, snow falling from time to time in Anyang City, Henan Province was warming up in advance for the arrival of blizzard. At 9 am, the staff of Anyang Yihe Thermal Power Co., Ltd. responsible for the inspection of the pipe network found that hot gas was emerging in the sewer located 20 meters east of the intersection of Tiesan Road and Wenyuan Street. After inspection, it was determined that the pipe network was leaking. , While arranging for reporting to the dispatch center, the site was isolated to prevent people from accidentally entering and causing personal injury.

The dispatch center quickly launched an emergency plan and arranged emergency personnel to rush to the repair site. At 9:20 in the morning, the staff of the external network management station arrived at the scene and immediately placed an isolation sign to isolate and control the scene.

Some people are responsible for pumping the valve well that caused the water leakage due to the leakage, and some people use the pumping neutral to make preparations. After the pumping is completed, they will go down to the well to find the specific leak point. At 1:20 pm, the construction team began to use excavators and other tools to carry out excavation and repair work on the site of the leaking site.

It is reported that the sudden failure was a leak in the diameter DN250 pipe in the fixed pier. The barrier needs to be replaced by the pipe network, and the water in the pipe network must be stopped before replacing the pipe network. In order to minimize the heating of surrounding users, He decided to ignore the wind and snow and rush repairs overnight to make every effort to protect the rights of citizens to use heat.

On the premise of all preparations, the stationmaster He immediately reported to the dispatch center and stopped heating at 10 that night. After the heating was stopped, the on-site repair personnel seized all the time, quickly dismantled the leaking pipe network, and installed the new pipe network. It took 17 hours to work, and it took 17 hours. At about 3 pm on the 7th, thanks to the efforts of the repair personnel, the sudden failure was finally resolved.

After the new pipe network was installed, after repeated inspections by the emergency repair personnel, the station manager reported to the dispatch center to resume heating at 4 pm.