Beijing Heat 96069

Welcome a new friend-

智能语音机器人 "Little Hot" Intelligent Voice Robot

Hello! I'm "hot"

Glad to serve you ~

"Little Hot" was officially launched before the heating season this year ~

At present, there are two major repair services: leaking and not hot.

Simply answer a few "hot" questions

You can complete the repair!

I can't bear the excitement

First day at work

96069 Dialed 96069

Then we have the following paragraph

Kind and brief conversation

Welcome to call 96069 heating service hotline, now 96069 launched intelligent voice repair service, please press 1 for water leakage problems, press 2 for non-hot problems, press 0 for manual services.

Hello, Smart Customer Service is here for you. In order to better serve you, the intelligent customer service will consult a few questions, please forgive me.

Which urban area is your home in, such as Haidian District?

Chaoyang District

OK, what neighborhood is your home in?

Sunshine district

OK, please provide us with the unit number and house number.

2 units 201

Yes, Xiaore has recorded your address. How many degrees does your home have?

16 degrees

Yes, please ask if the current call number can be used as your contact information. If it is, please press the pound key to confirm. If not, please enter your phone number and press the pound key to confirm. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience caused to your life. Your request, Xiaore, has already generated a ticket for you. Thank you for your call.

hang up the phone

Xiaobian felt deeply

It's getting more and more convenient to repair now!

Dear friends,

If there is a problem with the heater leaking or not heating

96069 Welcome to call 96069

"Hot" will help you to record and reflect the problem for the first time

Other than that

You can also fill in the form online through WeChat and mobile APP

Submit self-service repair application

We will respond as soon as we receive the question

And send professional service on site as needed

Let me introduce you to the online repair process

1. "Beijing Thermal Customer Service" WeChat public account

Enter the public account, click on the "heating service" menu, you can see "fault report". Fill in your personal information and questions as required to help us process and contact you faster. After filling it out, press the "Submit" button.

You can view the progress of the problem processing at any time through the Query Record.

2. "Handheld Power" mobile APP

After logging in, click "Fault Report" on the homepage, fill in the content of the page as required, and take a picture to upload the problem or fault description.

You can check the progress of the problem at any time by clicking "repair record" in the upper right corner of the repair page.

No need to line up for telephone repairs

Fill in a single key on your phone

It's that simple ~

Beijing Heat 96069

Beijing Relier 96069 heating service hotline provides users with one-stop service of business consultation, fault repair, complaint reporting, service supervision, and customer return visits 24 hours a day. Since its establishment nine years ago, it has processed more than two million pieces of customer heating demands. At the same time, we have further improved and strengthened Beijing Thermal ’s heating service Weibo “Beijing Thermal 96069”, WeChat public account “Beijing Thermal Customer Service”, and the mobile app “Handheld Thermal” to receive and respond to the demands of users. Richer channels can reflect heating-related issues. Beijing Thermal Power 96069 heating service platform provides professional heating repair, complaints, consulting, statistics and analysis services for the two levels in the urban area. The service area is 689 million square meters, accounting for 88% of the city's total heating area. In August 2017, the national heating service hotline 400-81-96069 was opened, which has become an important component of Beijing's heating Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration and the construction of a national customer service platform. The scope of services has extended to Beijing's Sanhe, Luzhou, Fuping, Xiong'an, Dachang, Fusong, Jilin, Datong, Shanxi, Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia, Jianghan Oilfield, Hubei. In May 2019, in order to fully solve the worrying, annoying and worrying things around the citizens, so that the people have their voices, and I respond, the Jingneng Group's "Receive Actions" sub-center was set up to efficiently handle user demands.

Beijing Reli 96069 adhering to the corporate mission of "warm the families and help a better life", consciously implement the core values of "quality service, work hard, and strive for excellence", and fully meet the general public's needs for "convenience, livability, diversity "Fairness, fairness", the longing for the good life of the city, enhance the user's sense of acquisition and satisfaction.

Source: Beijing Thermal Customer Service