On January 13, 2020, the Sino-British Energy Cooperation Symposium held the theme conference "Sustainable Green Development-Energy Transformation and Its Impact in the Fight against Climate Change" at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. Liu Rong, Vice Chairman of China Town Heating Association and Deputy General Manager of Beijing Heating Group, attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.

Picture: Liu Rong delivers a keynote speech

Liu Rong introduced the developing Chinese heating mode to the participating experts. Starting from the history and current situation of China's heating development, combining the new situation facing China's heating, he pointed out the future opportunities and changes in China's heating, and provided heating for China. The future development of the industry illustrates the direction of efforts.

In view of the prospects and ways of cooperation between China and Britain in the energy direction in the future, Liu Rong emphasized that Britain, as a developed country, has strong scientific and technological strength, and China, as a developing country, has an urgent need for energy. China and Britain have a broad basis for cooperation. China's heating supply has both welfare and commodity attributes. It should select targeted cooperation topics in accordance with the government's policy guidance, carry out scientific and technological research and development according to market needs, and adapt to the development stage of China's heating supply to achieve a win-win situation for production, education and research.

Figure: Relevant experts interact

In addition, Dr. Glen Noble, Deputy Director of the UK Office of Research and Innovation China, Martin Freer, Director of the British Energy Research Accelerator Alliance, former President of the University of Science and Technology Beijing, Professor Zhang Xinxin, Expert of the China Organization Group Thousand Talents Program, Professor Ding Yulong of the University of Birmingham, and other Chinese and British energy sources Domain experts attended and delivered speeches.