On January 8, 2020, the group submission standard review review meeting of the "Encoding Standards for Urban Heating Systems" submitted by Beijing Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. was held in Sanmenxia, Henan Province. The meeting was organized by the Standardization Committee of the China Urban Heating Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association Standard Committee), and Yang Jian, the chairman of the Association Standard Committee, chaired the meeting.

The preparation team introduced the review experts to the various stages of work carried out in the process of preparing the standard and the content of the standard submission for review. The standard specifies the structure, basic requirements, specific regulations, engineering conventions and coding indexes, and file marking of urban heating labeling systems. The standard applies to the coding of the identification system for new, expanded, rebuilt and existing urban heating projects.

The expert group listened to the introduction of the standard by the preparation group and related technical content descriptions, carefully reviewed the standard and held discussions and proposed amendments. It considered that the standard had complete materials for review and that the standard manuscript complied with the requirements of GB / T1.1 , The scope, technical content and depth of the standard meet the requirements in the standard proposal. The establishment of this standard can realize the unified classification, unified coding, and unified identification of all systems and corresponding equipment, buildings (buildings) in the heating system according to their internal connections, functional relationships, etc., so that various objects in the heating system Unique identification throughout the life cycle. The review expert group requested that the preparation group form a standard draft for approval as soon as possible after the modification, and carry out the report and approval work in accordance with the procedures.

Review Panel Members

The review panel consists of Yang Jian, Yu Liming, Deputy General Manager of Mudanjiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Lu Yaqin, Chairman of Jilin Province New Type Pipe Industry, Fan Min, Chief Engineer of Taiyuan Thermal Power Company, Chen Hongen, Chief Engineer of Luoyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd., and Chengde Thermal Group Limited Liability The company's chief engineer Wang Xiangwei, Zhejiang University professor Zhong Zheng, Harbin Institute of Technology associate professor Wang Zheng, senior engineer of Northeast Electric Power Design Institute Xu Kun, senior consultant of Northeast Electric Power Co., Ltd. of State Power Investment Corporation Xu Bo, Langkun Smart Technology Co., Ltd. Duan Yimin, the department manager, was appointed as the leader of the review expert group.

The preparation units that attended the review meeting were Beijing Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd., China Huadian Science and Industry Group, Dalian Haixin Information Engineering Co., Ltd., Tangshan Thermal Power Corporation, Xi'an Thermal Power Corporation, Zhengzhou Thermal Power Corporation, Beijing Hua Yuanyitong Thermal Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Thermal Engineering Design Co., Ltd., China Power Engineering Consulting Group North China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing Huare Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hebei Haotian Thermal Development Co., Ltd.