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In a blink of an eye, the heating industry online learning platform "Mister Niu Heating Network Class" created by the association has been online for several months. Since it was launched in April, the number of consecutively updated courses has exceeded 200 sessions! The number of registered users has exceeded 3,000! Throughout the year, more than 400 VIP users have been learning!

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Web Classroom Highlights

1. Monthly courseware updates

The online classroom is based on WeChat mini-programs, and you can learn online on your mobile phone without downloading any APP. Include live recordings and courseware of important conference expert lectures since 2017, and realize online recording and PPT simultaneous playback.

Contents include 2017 North China Clean Heating Technology Policy Seminar, China Clean Heating (Xinjiang) Forum, 2018 Tsinghua Energy Conservation Week Clean Heating Open Forum, Association Green Finance Powered Heating Development Seminar, Coal Burning Ultra Low Emissions Forum, Town Clean Courseware materials such as the High-efficient Heating Summit Forum and the First Annual Annual Chinese Heating Academic Conference. The Association's large conference expert speeches in 2019 will be included in the classroom one after another. Hundreds of new lessons are updated every year.

顶级大咖倾力助阵 2. Top big coffees help out

The lecturer team of the online classroom is composed of experts from various fields of the heating industry from all over the country, as well as experts from the Association's Technical Committee, Association Standardization Committee, and Rural Clean Heating Working Committee.

Partial Expert List

Technical Committee: Jiang Yi, Liu Rong, Xu Wei, Fu Lin, Xia Jianjun, Zhang Jianwei, Song Bo, Guo Weiyi, Ma Yitai ...

Standardization Committee: Yang Jian, Wang Huai, Niu Xiaohua, Zhong Yan, Chen Hongen, Guo Hua, Yu Liming, Zhu Yongmei, Wang Xiangwei ...

Rural Clean Heating Committee: Yang Xudong, Wang Degang, Shan Ming, Deng Qinqin ...

Industry experts: Cen Kefa, Fang Xiumu, Ma Shuangchen, Wen Chengjun, Wang Shuduo, Xu Dongjie, He Yingna, Li Zhongbo, Wu Yanting, Wei Qingyi, Huajing, Fan Min ...

八大栏目专业细化 3. Specialization of the eight columns

The columns are divided into eight courses: cogeneration, clean heating, smart heating, operation management, heating knowledge, engineering cases, heating equipment, and planning and design.

随时随地想看就看 4. Anytime, anywhere you want to see

Create a mobile viewing mode for users, saving time and effort, allowing users to watch whenever and wherever they want, even in the ocean of heating and learning, even without leaving home.

三种超低价格畅学套餐 5.Three ultra-low price learning packages

199 90 days free study card 199 yuan

329 180 Days Free Card 329 yuan

599 365 days free card 599 yuan

,可进入小程序底部“个人中心”右下角优惠券领取处领取。 In addition, there is a limited time to receive coupons throughout the year . You can go to the coupon collection area at the bottom right corner of the Personal Center at the bottom of the mini program.

企业畅学VIP 一键式购买服务 6. Enterprise One-click VIP Purchase Service

Businesses can pack and purchase, such as group purchase of 200 Changle VIP cards, just provide 200 mobile phone numbers, and open directly in the background within 24 hours, convenient and fast.

Corporate group purchase Changxue VIP card purchase contact information


010-64648062;13911612854 Wang Xin: 010-64648062; 13911612854

010-64648052;18610088026 Liu Haiyan: 010-64648052; 18610088026

Enterprise VIP Purchased Units

Beijing Thermal Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Chengde Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.

Taiyuan Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Jinneng Binhai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Zibo Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Jilin Province Chuncheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Chengde Heating Yard Heating Company

Taiyuan Thermal Design Co., Ltd.

Changchun Heat Power (Group) Co., Ltd.

Mudanjiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Daqing Dongcheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Daqing Gaoxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Daqing Qingbei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Heilongjiang Daqing Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.

Daqing Longfeng District Longxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Daqing Thermal Power Group Qingxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Daqing Thermal Power Group Daqing Qingnan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

定制化专享服务 7. Customized Exclusive Services

In addition, for corporate VIP customers, custom development, design, and management can also be carried out. If an administrator system is set up, we provide group purchase student learning status inquiry, and can provide learning reports, special examinations, competition rankings, internal training management, and customized courses , Customized training and other value-added incremental services.

All the courseware authorized by the Association's important meetings from 2017 to June 2019 has been launched on the third session of the “China Heating Summit Forum”. Xiaobian has compiled a list of online courses of Teacher Niu's online classroom. Come! There must be something you want to see here!

Live courses

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Course purchase method

Individual users: WeChat Mini Program to pay online directly

Step 1 : Select the course you want to buy and click "Buy Now"

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Step 3 : After confirming that the course is correct, click "Confirm Order"

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How to become a VIP user

Step 1: Click "Personal Center"-"Upgrade VIP"

Step 2: Select the level of activation, and click "Enable"

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Step 4: You can become a VIP user after successful payment.

In addition to the hundreds of coursewares currently available in the online classroom, hundreds of dissertation coursewares authorized by the "Second China Heating Academic Conference (2019)" in August this year, and "Clean Heating International Academic Exchange Conference and September 73rd The “IEA-DHC Executive Committee” authorized courseware is in the process of intensive editing and will be launched in the near future! !!

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