The “Special Planning for Heating in Haiyang City (2019-2035)” (hereinafter referred to as “Planning”) undertaken by the team of Professor Fu Lin of the Building Energy Efficiency Research Center of Tsinghua University has recently passed expert review. An expert group composed of experts from Shandong Jianzhu University, Shandong Urban Construction Vocational College, Yantai Water Supply and Heating Gas Service Center, Haiyang Planning Editing and Research Center, etc., reviewed the planning results. Yantai City Administration Bureau, Haiyang Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau and other relevant departments, as well as relevant personnel from various districts, streets, and towns of Haiyang attended the review meeting, and representatives of local heating companies attended the meeting. The team, as the heat supply planning compiler, reported the planning results and passed the expert review. Experts agree that the near-term and long-term planning schemes proposed in the Plan are basically in line with the actual situation of Haiyang City and can be used as a basis for the development of the heating industry in Haiyang and related engineering construction. In December 2019, the Plan was approved by the Haiyang Municipal People's Government, incorporated into the city's overall plan and strictly implemented.

Haiyang City is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Shandong Province. It is hosted by Yantai City. It has a permanent population of 650,000 and a central urban population of 259,000. At present, the central heating supporting area is 14.04 million square meters, and the paid heating area is about 4.65 million square meters. Among them, the coal-fired combined heat and power generation area accounts for 16% of the heating area. Heating, accounting for 84%, and other clean energy heating is almost blank.

Haiyang Nuclear Power Project is located in Liugezhuang Town, Haiyang City. The owner is Shandong Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. The project plans to build 6 million-kilowatt nuclear power units and reserve 2 expansion sites. In the first phase of the project, two AP1000 advanced passive pressure water reactor nuclear power units were constructed, with a single rated power of 1,253MW, which were completed and put into operation in October 2018 and January 2019, respectively. The nuclear power plant is about 20 kilometers away from the central urban area of Haiyang. Using waste heat from nuclear power to replace coal-fired heating is an inevitable choice for Haiyang to achieve green, low-carbon, clean and efficient heating.

Geographical location of Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant (Image source: Prof. Fu Lin's research group)

Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant Planning Map (Image source: Haiyang Nuclear Power Official Website)

The "Plan" proposes that the heating area of Haiyang Nuclear Power will reach 9.38 million square meters in the near future, accounting for 70.5% of Haiyang's centralized heating area. In the future, Haiyang City will uphold the advantages of new energy industries such as nuclear power and wind power and the tourism industry, and will maintain a good development trend, and the demand for heating will also continue to increase.With the increase of heating load, and the overall consideration of centralized heating in towns near the urban area, the planned long-term heating area of Haiyang Nuclear Power will reach 23.58 million square meters, accounting for 72.3% of the centralized heating area of Haiyang City. Haiyang's main central heating source . It is estimated that the heating cost of nuclear power is significantly lower than the heating cost of coal-fired boiler rooms.After the implementation of the plan, compared with the conventional coal-fired boiler heating, standard coal consumption can be reduced by about 490,000 tons, CO2 emissions are reduced by 1.24 million tons, NOx emissions are 1232 tons, SO2 emissions are 308 tons, and soot emissions are 62 tons .

The team of Professor Fu Lin incorporated nuclear heat and power cogeneration heat into the heat supply plan for the first time, which opened up new ideas and new ways for urban clean heat supply planning. In the heating season of 2019-2020, Haiyang Nuclear Power has completed the implementation of the first phase of the country's first nuclear energy clean heating innovation demonstration project in accordance with the requirements of the Plan , and achieved 700,000 square meters of nuclear power heating attempts, creating domestic nuclear power. Heating is the first. The second phase of the project will achieve a heating area of about 4.5 million square meters.In the future, through scientific planning and reasonable layout, Haiyang nuclear power waste heat can be sent to Yanqingwei and other regions through long-distance heating technology, so that the entire Jiaodong Peninsula will use clean and efficient nuclear energy heating to achieve "near zero" heating in winter. Emissions .

Source: Building Energy Research Center of Tsinghua University