Ranked in no particular order, according to the time of joining

Executive director unit
Serial number company name
1 yq test 1
2 Baotou Thermal Power Corporation
3 Beijing Haotei Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd.
4 Beijing Huayuan Yitong Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.
5 Beijing Qidi Clean Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
6 Beijing Heating Association
7 Beijing Gas Thermal Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd.
8 Daqing Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
9 France Electric Datang (Sanmenxia) City Heating Co., Ltd.
10 Fushun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
11 Fuxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
12 Guangzhou Development Xintang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
13 Guangzhou Hengyun West District Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
14 Guangzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
15 State Power Investment Corporation Dongfang New Energy Co., Ltd. Thermal Branch
16 Harbin Hartou Investment Co., Ltd. Heat Supply Company
17 Harbin Urban Heating Management Office
18 Hohhot Futai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
19 Hohhot Chengfa Heating Supply Co., Ltd.
20 Jixi Thermal Power Company
twenty one Jinan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
twenty two Luoyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
twenty three Mudanjiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
twenty four Ningbo Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
25 Qiqihar Sunshine Heating Group Co., Ltd.
26 Qinhuangdao Thermal Power Corporation
27 Qingdao Energy Group Co., Ltd.
28 Shandong Urban Construction Vocational College (Shandong Gas Heating Power Association)
29 Shijiazhuang Huadian Heating Group Co., Ltd.
30 Tai'an Taishan District Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
31 Tianjin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
32 Veolia (Jiamusi) Urban Heating Co., Ltd.
33 Xinjiang Guanghui Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
34 Xinjiang Tianfu Energy Co., Ltd. Heat Supply Branch
35 Xinjiang Western Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
36 College of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University
37 Zhejiang Dunan Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
38 China Urban Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd.
39 Chinese Academy of Building Research
40 China Zhongyuan International Engineering Co., Ltd.
41 Central Huanhui Technology Group Co., Ltd.
42 Zibo Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
Governing unit
Serial number company name
1 Anyang Yihe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
2 Wutu Energy Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
3 Olin Burner (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
4 Beijing Amasi Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
5 Beijing Beiran Heating Co., Ltd.
6 Beijing Boda Xingchuang Technology Co., Ltd.
7 Beijing Boda Development Thermal Co., Ltd.
8 Beijing Urban Management Committee Heating Office
9 Beijing Cui Kun Wo Trading Company
10 Beijing Deanyuan Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd.
11 Beijing Fucheng Zhixin Technology Co., Ltd.
12 Beijing Gaoke Energy Supply Management Co., Ltd.
13 Beijing Aerospace Topology High-tech Co., Ltd.
14 Beijing Hongtai Brocade Information Technology Co., Ltd.
15 Beijing Huare Technology Development Co., Ltd.
16 Beijing Huayu Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
17 Beijing Huayuan Thermal Pipe Network Co., Ltd.
18 Beijing Huayuan Taimeng Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd.
19 School of Environmental and Energy Engineering, Beijing Jianzhu University
20 Beijing Keliyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
twenty one Beijing Blueprint Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
twenty two Beijing Thermal Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
twenty three Beijing Shichuang Science Park Management Service Co., Ltd.
twenty four Beijing Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Institute
25 Beijing Jinghai Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
26 Beijing Kamfu Technology Co., Ltd.
27 Beijing Thermal Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
28 Beijing Weiye Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.
29 Beijing Capital Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
30 Beijing Shuoren Times Technology Co., Ltd.
31 Beijing Tianjianxing Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
32 Beijing Tianruixiang Instrument Co., Ltd.
33 Beijing Enterprises Clean & Heat Co., Ltd.
34 North Tomorrow Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
35 Cangzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
36 Changchun Gas Thermal Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
37 Changchun City Heating (Group) Co., Ltd.
38 Changzhou Saiou Litong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
39 Dalian National Valve Technology Co., Ltd.
40 Dalian Haixin Information Engineering Co., Ltd.
41 Dalian Huandao Instrument Co., Ltd.
42 Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone Thermal Power Company
43 Dalian Jiuyuan Group Co., Ltd.
44 Dalian Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
45 Dalian Yiduo Pipeline Co., Ltd.
46 Service Department of Daqing Oilfield Mining Area
47 Danish Kamloops Beijing Representative Office
48 Finnish Hagerfoss Beijing Representative Office
49 Guizhou Hongju Gas Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.
50 Department of Architecture and Thermal Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology (School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering)
51 Haotian Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd.
52 Hebei University of Technology Keya Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
53 Hebei Haotian Thermal Development Co., Ltd.
54 Hebei Huafu Pipeline Anticorrosive and Insulation Co., Ltd.
55 Hebei Junye Technology Co., Ltd. (Tangshan Fengnan Junye Energy-saving Insulation Material Co., Ltd.)
56 Hebei Tongli Automatic Control Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
57 Heze Jiyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
58 Hegang Thermal Power Company
59 Hulunbuir Dayan Mine Water Supply Heating Co., Ltd.
60 South China University of Technology
61 Huizhong Instrument Co., Ltd.
62 Jilin Sunshine Energy Development and Construction Co., Ltd.
63 Jinan Energy Construction Development Group Co., Ltd.
64 Jiantou Hebei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
65 Jinzhou Thermal Power (Group) Co., Ltd.
66 Jinzhong Xinchen Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
67 Jingneng Datong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
68 Jiumao Automation (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
69 Korla Xinlong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
70 Langier Instrument System (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
71 Lanzhou Lanshi Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd.
72 Langfang Huayu Tianchuang Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.
73 Langfang Guangda Heating Co., Ltd.
74 Longest Harbin Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
75 Lewo (Tianjin) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
76 Liaoyuan Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
77 Liupanshui Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
78 Maxtor Instrument Co., Ltd.
79 Coal Academy of Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
80 Mudanjiang Tongli Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
81 Southern CICC Environmental Co., Ltd.
82 Nanjing Suxia Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
83 Ping An International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
84 Qingdao Hewitz Instrument Co., Ltd.
85 Qingdao Trill Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
86 Rena Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
87 Sanhe Xinyuan Heating Co., Ltd.
88 Shandong Juyuan Heat Power Co., Ltd.
89 Shandong Lichuang Technology Co., Ltd.
90 Shandong Qiweite Solar Technology Co., Ltd.
91 Shanxi Sanshui Energy Co., Ltd.
92 Shanghai Yitu Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.
93 Shanghai Pudong Hanwei Valve Co., Ltd.
94 Shanghai Yuzhen Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.
95 Shenyang Chengdao Energy Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. (Cruise)
96 Shenyang Slurry Conveying Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
97 Shenyang AVIC Liming Civil Products Group Co., Ltd.
98 Siping Juyuan Hanyang Plate Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.
99 Taishan Group Co., Ltd.
100 Tangshan Xingbang Pipeline Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.
101 Tianjin Pipeline Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Insulation Pipe Factory
102 Tianjin Jin'an Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
103 Tianjin Jinneng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
104 Tianjin Jinneng Shuanghe Thermal Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
105 Tianjin Thermal Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.
106 Tianjin Yugang Thermal Insulation Building Material Co., Ltd.
107 Tianjin TEDA Jinlian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
108 Tianshui Heating Company
109 Tonghua Hengtai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
110 Weihai Tianying Instrument Co., Ltd.
111 Veolia Sunshine (Harbin) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
112 Wen'an County Jielante HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd.
113 Urumqi Huayuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
114 Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd.
115 Wuxi Xinlian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
116 Wuhan Dewei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
117 Xi'an High-tech Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
118 Xining Chengda Heating Co., Ltd.
119 Hong Kong and China Gas Co., Ltd. Beijing Representative Office
120 Xintian Technology Co., Ltd.
121 Xingtai City Gas Heating Power Corporation
122 Yantai 500 Heating Co., Ltd.
123 Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
124 Yantai Heating and Gas Management Office
125 Yan'an Holy Land Blue Heat (Group) Urban Heating Co., Ltd.
126 Yan'an Thermal Power Company
127 Yangzhou Heating Co., Ltd.
128 Yingkou Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
129 York (China) Trading Company
130 Zaozhuang Heat Power Corporation
131 Zhejiang Liju Hot Water Machine Co., Ltd.
132 CLP Intercontinental Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd.
133 Thermal Power Professional Committee of Chinese Electrical Engineering Society
134 China Power Engineering Consulting Group North China Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.
135 China Aviation Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.
136 Heat Supply Management Department of Sinopec Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau
137 Heat Supply Management Division of Sinopec Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau Co., Ltd.
138 North China Municipal Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.
139 China Municipal Engineering Northwest Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
140 China Nuclear New Energy Co., Ltd.
141 China Energy Conservation Building Energy Saving Co., Ltd.
142 Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
member unit
Serial number company name
1 "Gas and Heat" Magazine Limited
2 12319 heating network
3 OMEXELL (Jinan) Heat Transfer Technology Co., Ltd.
4 yq test N
5 Acon Sunmark Large Solar System Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
6 Ariston Thermal Products (China) Co., Ltd.
7 Emma Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
8 Emmonstrone Fluid Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
9 Airbnb Aihe New Materials Co., Ltd.
10 Anhui Chizhou Jinneng Heating Co., Ltd.
11 Anhui Guozhen Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.
12 Anhui Cohen New Energy Co., Ltd.
13 Yinzhou Thermal Power Plant in Anhui Province
14 Anhui Hefei United Power Generation Co., Ltd.
15 BASF Polyurethane Specialty Products (China) Co., Ltd.
16 Baiyin Tongcheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
17 Baipu Valve Co., Ltd.
18 Baotou Huayuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
19 Baotou Huarong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
20 Gem Flower Heat Co., Ltd.
twenty one Baoding Baigou Jizhong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
twenty two Beijing North Heating Service Co., Ltd.
twenty three Beijing Beigao Valve Co., Ltd.
twenty four Beijing Beiran Fangshan Heating Co., Ltd.
25 Beijing Beiran Lugu Heating Technology Development Co., Ltd.
26 Beijing Beiran Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
27 Beijing Bostar New Century Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.
28 Beijing Urban Construction Road and Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd.
29 Beijing City Management Science and Technology Association
30 Beijing Chuangjin Century Technology Co., Ltd.
31 Beijing Dadong Runyu Heat Supply Co., Ltd.
32 Beijing Dejietian Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
33 Beijing Deliheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.
34 Beijing Deliheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.
35 Beijing Deen Kangshuo Technology Development Co., Ltd.
36 Beijing Power Equipment General Plant Co., Ltd.
37 Beijing Dongfang Yongjie Thermal Technology Center
38 Beijing Donghua Dingsheng Heating Investment Management Co., Ltd.
39 Beijing Erya Investment Co., Ltd.
40 Beijing Gebaite Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
41 Beijing industry university
42 Beijing Supply and Marketing Big Data Group Co., Ltd.
43 Beijing Guanghui Puhui Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
44 Beijing Guangsha Environmental Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
45 Beijing Guoda Energy Co., Ltd.
46 Beijing Guodian Zhishen Control Technology Co., Ltd.
47 Beijing Howitt Heating Equipment Co., Ltd.
48 Beijing Helineng Technology Co., Ltd.
49 Beijing Hexin Boye Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
50 Beijing Black Ant Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
51 Beijing Hongwei Chaoda Technology Co., Ltd.
52 Beijing Hongzeda Technology Co., Ltd.
53 Beijing Huaao Yuanfang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
54 Beijing Huada Zhibao Electronic System Co., Ltd.
55 Beijing Huaye Sunshine New Energy Co., Ltd.
56 Beijing Huaying Tianrun Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
57 Beijing Huanyu Xinxing Heating Co., Ltd.
58 Beijing Huiyuan Yida Heating Service Co., Ltd.
59 Beijing Jiayu Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.
60 Beijing Jieming Weiye Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
61 Beijing Jinfang HVAC Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
62 Beijing Jinguangyan Special Equipment Inspection Co., Ltd.
63 Beijing Jinhuizefeng Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.
64 Beijing Jinmao Lvjian Technology Co., Ltd.
65 Beijing Jinghairen Electromechanical Pump Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
66 Beijing Jingneng Yankai Comprehensive Energy Service Co., Ltd.
67 Beijing Carlin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
68 Beijing Kaiyuan Mingdian Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
69 Beijing Kangjiezhichen Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.
70 Beijing Kede Mingtong Technology Co., Ltd.
71 Beijing Lianyoufa Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
72 Beijing Kuntao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
73 Beijing Beautiful 双彩网 Property Management Co., Ltd.
74 Beijing Minli Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd.
75 Beijing Mudan Lianyou Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
76 Beijing Changpu Lantaike Pipeline Engineering Technology Service Co., Ltd.
77 Beijing Qianfeng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
78 Beijing Thermal Power Municipal Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.
79 Beijing Requan Tengxin Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
80 Beijing Ruipu Sanyuan Instrument Co., Ltd.
81 Beijing Ruiteai Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
82 Beijing Senran Heating Technology Development Co., Ltd.
83 Beijing Shanghe Construction Co., Ltd.
84 Beijing Sheshu Technology Co., Ltd.
85 Beijing Shengfaruite Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.
86 Beijing Shengchang Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
87 Beijing Century Huanglong Technology Co., Ltd.
88 Beijing Ai Sifu Computer Software Technology Co., Ltd.
89 Beijing Urban Planning and Design Institute
90 Beijing Public Utilities Research Institute
91 Beijing Hucheng District Heating Service Center
92 Beijing Labor Insurance Institute Technology Development Co., Ltd.
93 Heat Supply Division of Beijing Municipal Administration Committee (Hot Office)
94 Beijing Techeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
95 Beijing Tide Thermal Technology Development Co., Ltd.
96 Beijing Tejia Property Management Co., Ltd.
97 Beijing Capital Airport Power Energy Co., Ltd.
98 Beijing Shouhang Wuhuan Industrial Engineering Company
99 Beijing Shouhua Xintai Technology Co., Ltd.
100 Beijing Shouxing Yongan Heating Co., Ltd.
101 Beijing Shuimu Xingyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
102 Beijing Sifang Jibao Automation Co., Ltd.
103 Beijing Songtiancheng Technology Co., Ltd.
104 Beijing Extra High Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd.
105 Beijing Tianli Power Heating Co., Ltd.
106 Beijing Tianrui Xiangde Measurement Technology Co., Ltd.
107 Beijing Future Blue Sky Technology Co., Ltd.
108 Beijing Wozhiken Water Environment Technology Co., Ltd.
109 Beijing Xincheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
110 Beijing Xinhangzhi Technology Co., Ltd.
111 Beijing Xinneng Leye Technology Co., Ltd.
112 Beijing Xinkechuang Chaowei Technology Development Co., Ltd.
113 Beijing Yichuang Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
114 Beijing Yipu Youneng Technology Co., Ltd.
115 Beijing Yinghan Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
116 Beijing Yinghuitong Investment Management Co., Ltd.
117 Beijing Uninet Gas Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
118 Beijing Yushiyineng Technology Development Co., Ltd.
119 Beijing Zhengyuan Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd.
120 Beijing Zhixin Vision Software Technology Co., Ltd.
121 Beijing Zhonghuan SDIC Environmental Protection Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.
122 Beijing Zhongneng North Technology Co., Ltd.
123 Beijing Zhongneng Yuantong Thermal Energy Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
124 Beijing Zhongzhengwei Technology Development Co., Ltd.
125 Beijing Zhongheng Hengxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
126 Beijing Zhongwei Network Technology Co., Ltd.
127 Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Thermal Development Co., Ltd.
128 Perth Global (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
129 Borite Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd.
130 Cangzhou Rixing Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
131 Changchun Guoxin Heating Engineering Co., Ltd.
132 Changchun Economic and Technological Development Zone Heating Group Co., Ltd.
133 Changchun Liyuan Heating Transmission & Distribution Development Co., Ltd.
134 Changchun District Green House Co., Ltd.
135 Changchun Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute
136 Changzhi Huicheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
137 Changzhi Kangzhuang Heating Supply Co., Ltd.
138 Changzhou Hika Solar Heat Pump Co., Ltd.
139 Changzhou Yingji Power Technology Co., Ltd.
140 Chifeng Heran Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
141 Chifeng University
142 Dalian Hongding Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
143 Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone Heating Co., Ltd.
144 Jinyuan Heating Center of Dalian Development Zone
145 Dalian Kehua Thermal Pipe Co., Ltd.
146 Dalian Refrigerator Co., Ltd.
147 Dalian Qiwei Technology Co., Ltd.
148 Dalian Thermal Power Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
149 Dalian Shiteng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
150 Dalian Wangjia New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.
151 Dalian Unilite Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
152 Dalian Yufeng Heating Group Co., Ltd.
153 Daqing Gem Flower Heat Co., Ltd.
154 Daqing Qinglu Jintai Anticorrosive Engineering Co., Ltd.
155 Daqing Heating Association
156 Daqing Hengqing Property Management Co., Ltd.
157 Daqing New Tube Technology Co., Ltd.
158 Chase Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
159 Diehl Metering (Jinan) Co., Ltd.
160 Danfoss Automation Control Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
161 Total Petrochemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
162 Desirwick Valve (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
163 Dezhou Heating Company
164 Dezhou Yonglian Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.
165 Electric Construction Valve Co., Ltd.
166 Dongfang Honghai New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.
167 Donggang Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
168 Dongshan Enterprise Management Group
169 Dongshanyuan Energy Group Co., Ltd.
170 Dongguan Hengyun New Energy Co., Ltd.
171 Dongkou Shengli Oilfield Hekou Thermal Brigade
172 Durbert Mongolian Autonomous County Taikang Heating Service Co., Ltd.
173 Ordos Tonghui Heating Gas Co., Ltd.
174 Faberui Environmental Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
175 Fangkuai Boiler Co., Ltd.
176 Feilatiefei (Xiamen) Fluid Control Technology Co., Ltd.
177 Foshan Ranzhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
178 Ferris Valve (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
179 Fubiao Measurement Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
180 Fujian Hengjie Plastic Industry New Material Co., Ltd.
181 Fushan Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
182 Gansu Ruiguang New Energy Co., Ltd.
183 Gansu Building Materials Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd.
184 Wuwei City Heating Company, Gansu Province
185 Gansu Zhuoyi Energy-saving Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
186 Gaobeidian Longchuang Central Heating Co., Ltd.
187 Grundfos Pumps (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
188 Grundfos China Investment Co., Ltd.
189 Geye Valve Co., Ltd.
190 Guangdong Aike Technology Co., Ltd.
191 Guangdong Haiwu Technology Co., Ltd.
192 Guangdong Midea Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
193 Guangzhou Beilong Environmental Protection Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd.
194 Guangzhou Duolexin Electric Co., Ltd.
195 Guangzhou Pearl River New City Energy Co., Ltd.
196 GD NARI Technology Co., Ltd.
197 China Industrial Holding Group Co., Ltd.
198 Guohui Environmental New Energy Co., Ltd.
199 State Power Investment Corporation Northeast Power Co., Ltd. Dalian Dafa Energy Branch
200 State Power Investment Corporation Northeast Power Co., Ltd. Dalian Kaire Branch
201 National Heat Exchange Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Siping Hongsheng Heat Exchanger
202 Guolin (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd.
203 Harbin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
204 Harbin Urban Heating Association
205 Harbin Huaneng Central Heating Co., Ltd.
206 Harbin Taiping Heating Co., Ltd.
207 Haicheng Guofeng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
208 Haicheng Magnesium Refractory General Plant Heating Company
209 Haicheng Xinyi Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
210 Hanstai Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
211 Hangzhou Delion Technology Co., Ltd.
212 Hangzhou Hanglian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
213 Hangzhou Jingda Electronics Co., Ltd.
214 Hangzhou Cavarton Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.
215 Hangzhou Yuanpai Technology Co., Ltd.
216 Hangzhou Yungu Technology Co., Ltd.
217 Hangzhou Zheda Technology Co., Ltd.
218 Design and Research Institute of Hefei Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
219 Hebei Baoding High-tech Industrial Development Zone Heating Company
220 Hebei Changyu Six Element Graphene Technology Co., Ltd.
221 Hebei Daorong Pipeline Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
222 Hebei Fengyuan Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.
223 Hebei Fengfan High Pressure Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd.
224 Hebei Guangde Fluid Control Co., Ltd.
225 Hebei Haide Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd.
226 Hebei Haifeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
227 Hebei Huare Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
228 Hebei Huidong Pipeline Co., Ltd.
229 Hebei Jiajie Energy Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
230 Hebei Qianhai Pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
231 Hebei Quanen High-tech Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
232 Urban Heating Association of Hebei Province
233 Zunhua Dongcheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
234 Hebei Xiong'an Kezhu Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd.
235 Hebei Yirui Detection Technology Co., Ltd.
236 Hebei Zeyue Energy Saving Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
237 Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
238 Henan Ruite Thermal Pipe Technology Co., Ltd.
239 Henan Zhongyuan System Engineering Co., Ltd.
240 Heilongjiang Aikede Technology Co., Ltd.
241 Heilongjiang Haute Thermal Design Co., Ltd.
242 Heilongjiang Longdian Electric Co., Ltd.
243 Heilongjiang Urban Heating Association
244 Heilongjiang Forestry Design and Research Institute
245 Heilongjiang Institute of Energy and Environment
246 Heilongjiang Shenghualin Technology Development Co., Ltd.
247 Heilongjiang Suibao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
248 Hengqin Golden Investment International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
249 Hongyue Plastic Group Co., Ltd.
250 Hulunbeier Antai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Hailar Thermal Power Plant
251 Hulunbeier Antai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Yakeshi Thermal Power Plant
252 Hunan Yuanheng Technology Co., Ltd.
253 Huachuang Energy Group Co., Ltd.
254 Huadian Zhengzhou Mechanical Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
255 Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
256 Huali Hi-Tech (Beijing) Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.
257 Huaian Huineng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
258 Huichuang Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
259 Town Heating Association of Jilin Province
260 Jilin Province Chuncheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
261 Jilin Pengyu Energy-saving Insulation Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.
262 Jilin Yougu Network Technology Co., Ltd.
263 Jilin Songjiang Plastic Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd.
264 Jilin Zhishen Technology Co., Ltd.
265 Jilin Yulonglong Steel Pipe Steel Structure Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
266 Jinan Beijiao Thermal Power Plant
267 Jinan Urban Investment Design Co., Ltd.
268 Jinan Ganghua Gas Heating Co., Ltd.
269 Jinan Golden Ocean Plumbing Technology Co., Ltd.
270 Jinan Pusai Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
271 Jinan Shanghe Hengtai Heating Co., Ltd.
272 Jinan Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.
273 Jining High-tech Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
274 Science and Technology Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Construction
275 Jiangsu Beite Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd.
276 Jiangsu Chenggong Valve Technology Co., Ltd.
277 Jiangsu Guosheng Pipe Technology Co., Ltd.
278 Jiangsu Hengchang Bellows Co., Ltd.
279 Jiangsu Hongxin Pipeline Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
280 Jiangsu Shicai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
281 Jiangsu Shuangliang Boiler Co., Ltd.
282 Jiangsu Sifang Boiler Co., Ltd.
283 Jiangsu Weildiwei Valve Industry Co., Ltd.
284 Jiangsu Wosheng Valve Industry Co., Ltd.
285 Jiangsu Yongli Pipeline Co., Ltd.
286 Jeneng Thermal Power Station Co., Ltd.
287 Jingyuan Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd.
288 Jiutai Rongxiang Heating Supply Co., Ltd.
289 Jiuquan Chunguang New Energy Heating Co., Ltd.
290 Jiuquan Suzhou District United Thermal Co., Ltd.
291 Kaifeng Jinsheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
292 Kaiwei United (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
293 Kaizheng Valve Co., Ltd.
294 Kangmais (Luzhou) Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.
295 Kangxin Valve Co., Ltd.
296 Karamay City Guangsheng Heating Co., Ltd.
297 Lhasa City Nuanxin Gas Heating Co., Ltd.
298 Laibin Guangtou Energy Co., Ltd.
299 Rice Valve Co., Ltd.
300 Lanzhou Lan Pump Co., Ltd.
301 Langfang Jinsheng Energy Saving Technology Services Co., Ltd.
302 Langfang Tongao Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
303 Lixin Valve Co., Ltd.
304 United States Quantum Co., Ltd.
305 Lianggong Valve Group Co., Ltd.
306 Liangzheng Valve Co., Ltd.
307 Liaoning Aoyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
308 Liaoning Beisoft Technology Development Co., Ltd.
309 Liaoning Hongsheng Ruide New Energy Co., Ltd.
310 Liaoning Huide Electric Co., Ltd.
311 Liaoning Longshou Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
312 Liaoning Longyuan Pump Valve Co., Ltd.
313 Liaoning Lvyuan Energy Environmental Technology Group Co., Ltd.
314 Liaoning Miura Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.
315 Liaoning Sikesaisi Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
316 Town Heating Association of Liaoning Province
317 Liaoning Zhicheng Yipai Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
318 Linkou County Sunshine Heating Co., Ltd.
319 Linzhou Chunhui Radiator Co., Ltd.
320 Linzhou Linhe Industry Co., Ltd.
321 Linyi Smart New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
322 Lingchuan County Changcheng Heating Co., Ltd.
323 Luoyang Shuangrui Special Equipment Co., Ltd.
324 Luoyang New District Thermal Power Company
325 Loco Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
326 Mengshi Boiler (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
327 Mudanjiang Thermal Design Co., Ltd.
328 Mudanjiang Sanbei Heating Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.
329 Inner Mongolia Bayannaoer Fuyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
330 Inner Mongolia Town Gas Heating Association
331 Inner Mongolia Fulong Heating Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
332 Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Hydropower Heating Branch
333 Inner Mongolia Weizhijie Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd.
334 Nexen Valve Industry Co., Ltd.
335 Nanjing Rugged High and Medium Pressure Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
336 Nantong Wanda Boiler Co., Ltd.
337 Nenjiang Shengtu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
338 NENS (Beijing) Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
339 Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
340 Ningbo Jiufeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
341 Ningbo Zhenhai Heat Power Co., Ltd.
342 Ningbo Wanli Pipeline Co., Ltd.
343 Ningxia Electric Power Investment Co., Ltd.
344 Ningxia Power Investment Yinchuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
345 Ningxia Xiyun Data Technology Co., Ltd.
346 Pingdingshan Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
347 Liyang Thermal Power Company
348 Strong Valve Co., Ltd.
349 Qinhuangdao Development Zone Ever Thermal Insulation Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
350 Qinhuangdao Development Zone Taisheng Power Co., Ltd.
351 Qinhuangdao Luer Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
352 Qinhuangdao Fuyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
353 Qinhuangdao Mure Anticorrosive Insulation Engineering Co., Ltd.
354 Qingdao Donghua Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
355 Qingdao Hisense Hitachi Air Conditioning System Co., Ltd.
356 Qingdao Hanhe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
357 Qingdao Hengyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
358 Qingdao Energy Open Source Group Co., Ltd.
359 Qingdao Nuanwanjia Heating Co., Ltd.
360 Qingdao Sanli Zhongde Meishui Equipment Co., Ltd.
361 Qingdao Heating Office (Qingdao Heating Association)
362 Qingdao Spree Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
363 Qingdao special warm multi-energy ecological technology Co., Ltd.
364 Qingdao West Coast Utilities Group Energy Heating Co., Ltd.
365 Qingdao Xinao Energy Co., Ltd.
366 Qingzhou Yineng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
367 Quancheng Valve Co., Ltd.
368 Ebara Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.
369 Kawasaki Mechanical Systems Shanghai Representative Office
370 Rifeng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
371 Ruineng Taiyu (Shenyang) Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
372 Samson Control Equipment (China) Co., Ltd.
373 Xylem (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
374 Shandong Dehe Geothermal Development Co., Ltd.
375 Shandong Delong Yongtai New Energy Development Co., Ltd.
376 Shandong Dingchao Thermal Power Design Co., Ltd.
377 Shandong Twenty Degree Smart Heating Co., Ltd.
378 Shandong Gree Central Air-conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd.
379 Shandong Guotai Technology Co., Ltd.
380 Shandong Huanba Environmental Protection Energy-saving Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
381 Shandong Wonderful Wireless Information Technology Co., Ltd.
382 Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Ankong Technology Co., Ltd.
383 Shandong Langkabo Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
384 Shandong Linuoruite New Energy Co., Ltd.
385 Shandong Luheng Energy Saving Service Co., Ltd.
386 Shandong Lurun Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
387 Shandong Maosheng Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
388 Shandong Rongguan New Energy Co., Ltd.
389 Shandong Ruiguan Electric Heating Co., Ltd.
390 Shandong Shengyuan Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
391 Shandong Shuanglun Co., Ltd.
392 Shandong Tongyuan Thermal Power Group
393 Shandong Xingyuan Thermal Power Design Co., Ltd.
394 Shandong Zhonghao Energy Co., Ltd.
395 Central Heating Company of Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province
396 Yangquan Thermal Power Company of Shanxi Province
397 Yangquan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
398 Shanxi Tongwei Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
399 Shanxi Intel Leader Technology Co., Ltd.
400 Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd.
401 Shaanxi Nuoli Automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd.
402 Shaanxi Qinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
403 Shaanxi Municipal Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
404 Shaanxi Zhongtian Yongheng Energy Management Co., Ltd.
405 Shaanxi Ziguang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
406 Shanghai Aikelin Energy Saving Technology Research Co., Ltd.
407 Shanghai Exxon Group Co., Ltd.
408 Shanghai Bai Nuo Pump Valve Co., Ltd.
409 Shanghai Banhuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
410 Shanghai Bichen Intermediate Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
411 Shanghai Hilong Seneng New Materials Co., Ltd.
412 Shanghai Hanzhong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
413 Shanghai Gloria Valve Group Co., Ltd.
414 Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.
415 Shanghai Kehua Thermal Pipe Co., Ltd.
416 Shanghai Kent Instrument Co., Ltd.
417 Shanghai Naile Valve Co., Ltd.
418 Shanghai Nuote Feibo Combustion Equipment Co., Ltd.
419 Shanghai George Fischer Piping System Co., Ltd.
420 Shanghai Quanying Technology Co., Ltd.
421 Shanghai Xinye Boiler High-Tech Co., Ltd.
422 Shanghai Yingtai Plastic Co., Ltd.
423 Shanghai Onna New Material Technology Co., Ltd.
424 Shanghai Zhongfang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
425 Shanghai Zhongjin Energy Investment Co., Ltd.
426 Shenzhen Hanguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
427 Shenzhen Pawa New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
428 Shenzhen Haijiyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
429 Shenzhen Qianhai Energy Investment Development Co., Ltd.
430 Shenzhen Weili Low Carbon Co., Ltd.
431 Shenmu City Heating Co., Ltd.
432 Shenyang Anda Energy Saving Valve Technology Co., Ltd.
433 Shenyang Third Thermal Heating Co., Ltd.
434 Shenyang Hongqi Thermal Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
435 Shenyang Hua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
436 Shenyang Jiade Lianyi Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
437 Shenyang Lanxing Water Treatment Preparation Factory
438 Shijiazhuang Huadian Yuhua Heating Co., Ltd.
439 Shijiazhuang Sibeike Instrument Co., Ltd.
440 Shizuishan Haotai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
441 Shibang Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd.
442 Shuangliang Energy Saving System Co., Ltd.
443 Shuozhou Renewable Energy Heating Co., Ltd.
444 Sichuan Xinzhongtai New Material Co., Ltd.
445 Siping Thermal Co., Ltd.
446 Siping Dongfang Heat Exchange Equipment Manufacturing Factory
447 Songyuan Heating Company
448 Suzhou Hengkang Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.
449 Suzhou Jiangyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
450 Suzhou Shu Ruipu Technology Co., Ltd.
451 Suzhou Suzhiyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
452 Suizhong Taider Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd.
453 Taiyuan Bangyi Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.
454 Tai'an High-tech Thermal Co., Ltd.
455 Taizhou Jiangdong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
456 Tangshan Caofeidian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
457 Tangshan Ruineng Haoyu Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd.
458 Ticos Technology Group Tianjin Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd.
459 Tianhua Chemical Machinery and Automation Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd.
460 Tianjin Aohua Energy Technology Consulting Services Co., Ltd.
461 Tianjin Binhai New District Yongli Heating Co., Ltd.
462 Tianjin Gangyi Heating Supply Co., Ltd.
463 Tianjin International Machinery Co., Ltd.
464 Tianjin Junxing Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd.
465 Tianjin Case Stone Valve Co., Ltd.
466 Tianjin Morgan Kund High-tech Development Co., Ltd.
467 Tianjin Eco-City Energy Investment Construction Co., Ltd.
468 Tianjin Shengxin Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.
469 Tianjin Binhai New District Heating Group Co., Ltd.
470 Tianjin Chengan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
471 Tianjin Honghao Thermal Insulation Pipe Co., Ltd.
472 Tianjin Jinjun Heating Supply Co., Ltd.
473 Tianjin Rosemount Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
474 Tianjin Qianfeng Anticorrosive Insulation Engineering Co., Ltd.
475 Tianjin Tanggu First Valve Co., Ltd.
476 Tianjin Wuqing Development Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
477 Tianjin Xuner Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.
478 Tianjin Yangliu Qinghua Electric Heating Co., Ltd.
479 Tianjin Tangdie Valve Co., Ltd.
480 Tianjin Tiandilong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.
481 Tianjin Yuchen High-tech Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
482 Tianjin Zhongqi Software Co., Ltd.
483 Tianshui Ziyu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
484 Tieling Jiuyi Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
485 Tongliao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
486 Tongliao Heating Supply Co., Ltd.
487 Tongfang Energy-saving Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
488 Tongfang Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd.
489 School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Tongji University
490 Tunado Vehicle (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
491 Vedis (Shandong) Pipeline System Co., Ltd.
492 Weihai Zhenyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
493 Wilo (China) Pump System Co., Ltd.
494 Veolia (China) Environmental Services Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
495 Wolco (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
496 Wolfe Valve (Gu'an) Co., Ltd.
497 Wuxi Deen Technology Co., Ltd.
498 Wuxi Haili Automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd.
499 Wuxi Shunmeng Technology Co., Ltd.
500 Wuxi West District Gas-fired Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
501 Wuyuan Fuyuan Heating Power Co., Ltd.
502 Wuhan Gaoxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Company
503 Wuwei City District Central Heating Co., Ltd.
504 Xi'an Urban Thermal Planning and Design Institute
505 Xi'an Kiwitt Clean Energy Co., Ltd.
506 Northwest Rubber and Plastics Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd.
507 Xipu Valve Co., Ltd.
508 Xilinhot City Xinchen New Energy Investment Co., Ltd.
509 Xianyang Heating Power Company
510 Xianyang West District Central Heating Co., Ltd.
511 Xinjiang Green Giant Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd.
512 Xinjiang Riding Mountain Heat Co., Ltd.
513 Xinjiang Weitai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
514 Xinjiang Yongchang Dazhong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
515 New Territories Pump Group Co., Ltd.
516 Xintai Zhengda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
517 Shin sing cast pipe co., Ltd.
518 Xuzhou Huakai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
519 Yada Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
520 Yantai Lande Air-conditioning Industry Co., Ltd.
521 Yantai Ruikong Automation Control Engineering Co., Ltd.
522 Yantai Shunda Polyurethane Co., Ltd.
523 Yanji Thermal Power Company
524 Yancheng Thermal United
525 Yangcheng County Lanyu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
526 Yichuang Valve Technology Co., Ltd.
527 Yidu Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
528 Yinchuan Thermal Power Company
529 Yinchuan City Property Heating Association
530 Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone Yuanda Heating Co., Ltd.
531 Yushi Hetai (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.
532 Broad Energy Utilization Management Co., Ltd.
533 Far East International Leasing Co., Ltd.
534 Yuan Qi
535 Yuncheng Jinjian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
536 Yuncheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
537 Zaozhuang New Town Heating Co., Ltd.
538 Zhalantun Xincheng Central Heating Co., Ltd.
539 Zhangjiakou Gaoxin Shenghua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
540 Zhangjiakou Yaoneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
541 Zhangye City Central Heating Co., Ltd.
542 CMB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
543 Zhejiang Asker Building Material Technology Co., Ltd.
544 Zhejiang Cameron Valve Co., Ltd.
545 Zhejiang Mingtai Valve Co., Ltd.
546 Zhejiang Sco Valve Co., Ltd.
547 Zhejiang Taixing Valve Co., Ltd.
548 Zhejiang Tefu Boiler Co., Ltd.
549 Zhejiang Tefu Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
550 Zhejiang Weixing New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
551 Zhejiang Yinuoweisen Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
552 Zhejiang Yongyang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
553 Zhejiang Zhengtai Juneng Technology Co., Ltd.
554 Zhejiang Zhonghao Valve Co., Ltd.
555 Zhejiang Zhongqiu Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
556 Zhengzhou Gaoxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
557 Zhengzhou Airport City Operation Co., Ltd.
558 Zhengzhou Hongyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
559 Zhengzhou Onal Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.
560 Zhengzhou Zheng Valve Machinery Co., Ltd.
561 Zhongxinda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
562 CLP Huacai New Materials Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
563 CLP Xinji Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
564 China Power Engineering Consulting Group Zhongnan Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.
565 China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Hebei Branch
566 China Construction Northwest Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
567 Thermal Power Branch of Sinopec Shengli Petroleum Administration Co., Ltd.
568 China Municipal Engineering Northeast Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
569 China Municipal Engineering Central South Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
570 China National Ocean Gas (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
571 AVIC International New Energy Development Co., Ltd.
572 China Nuclear Energy Co., Ltd.
573 Central State Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.
574 China Machine Guoneng Heat Source Heating Co., Ltd.
575 CIMC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
576 Zhongjia Energy Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
577 Zhongmin Ronghe Gas Investment Co., Ltd.
578 Zhongnengfu Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
579 Zhongneng Geothermal Co., Ltd.
580 China Combustion Energy Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
581 CIC (Tianjin) Intelligent Pipe Co., Ltd.
582 Zhongwei Taihe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
583 Zhongxinfang Guofa Technology Co., Ltd.
584 MCC Huatian Baotou Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd.
585 MCC Jingcheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
586 MCC Northwest Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
587 Zhongyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
588 Zhuhai Jiuyuan Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
589 Zhuanghe Jiuzhou Thermal Energy Co., Ltd.
590 Shengzhou Jingre Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
591 Zibo Jielin Plastic Pipe Co., Ltd.
592 Zibo Taihe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.