Temperature control system for return water temperature of heating network based on PID regulation

Bai He; Wang Yong; Fan Wenqiang; Li Qicheng;

Tianjin Chengan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

Abstract: At present, the heating network control has gradually entered the intelligent stage. The most widely used automated control is the heat supply side water supply temperature and water supply flow as control variables, and the correspondence between outdoor temperature and user side water supply temperature as the objective function. This method has fast response speed and accurate adjustment, but does not consider the influence of the hydraulic imbalance of the pipe network on the overall supply and return water temperature difference on the user side. This paper establishes a PID control adjustment method that takes user-side return water temperature or average temperature of supply and return water as the objective function. This method can effectively overcome the effects of hydraulic imbalance and thermal inertia of the pipe network, ensure the efficient operation of the automatic control, and ensure the user's heating quality, and prove the effectiveness of the method through practical application.

Keywords: heating network control; return water temperature; PID adjustment; average temperature of supply and return water;