Study on the Characteristics of Thermal Preservation Structure of New Prefabricated Insulated Pipes

Wu Jinlong; Wang Hongxia; Gu Jinglei

Ningbo Wanli Pipeline Co., Ltd.

Abstract: The pros and cons of thermal insulation performance of thermal pipelines have an important impact on the safety and reliability of heating systems and key indicators such as effective heating radius. Improving the thermal insulation performance and comprehensive cost performance of thermal pipelines is of great significance for the economical and efficient operation of heating systems. On the basis of comparing and analyzing the shortcomings of the traditional soft (glass wool, etc.) thermal insulation structure and the rigid (calcium silicate) thermal insulation structure, this paper introduces a new type of prefabricated overhead thermal insulation structure. A systematic analysis and introduction of its thermal insulation characteristics are provided to provide a theoretical reference for the selection of thermal insulation technology for overhead thermal steam pipes.

Keywords: overhead laying; thermal pipeline; thermal insulation technology; prefabricated thermal insulation pipe;