China Town Heating Association Member Unit Entry Process

1. Enterprises applying for membership need to register a personal account on the association's official website ( ), log in to the member management system, fill in the basic information of the enterprise as required, and wait for the association's preliminary review, review cycle 2- 3 working days;

(Patiently wait for the review result after submitting the application, and the review result will be sent to the external contact's mobile phone and email by SMS and email.)

登录系统后请及时更改密码以下所有操作均在企业账号中进行)。 After passing the initial review, you can obtain the enterprise account and initial password ( please change the password in time after logging in to the system , all the following operations are performed in the enterprise account).

在填写企业基本信息时,上传企业宣传图片前请在本地图片重命名,写清图片的释义。 Note: When filling in the basic information of the company, please rename the picture locally before uploading the company's publicity picture, and write down the definition of the picture.

,均加盖公司公章寄送至协会秘书处: 2. Print a registration form and a copy of the business license , both of which are stamped with the company seal and sent to the secretariat of the association:

Mailing address: No. 2A, Henan Road, Xiba, Chaoyang District, Beijing

To: Li Jie

Phone: 15810106815

Postcode: 100028

,当您寄出快递后,请在系统中填写快递相关信息) (Note: "Entry Registration Form" is downloaded in the system , after you send the courier, please fill in the courier related information in the system)

3. After passing the review, please log in to the member management system in time to pay the membership fee. After the payment is successful, you will become a member of the association, begin to abide by the association's guidelines and regulations, enjoy the rights of members, and fulfill the related obligations of members.

,付款方式分为两种:①微信支付:会员状态直接变更为正常;②转账支付:需等协会财务确认收款后更改会员状态,两种方式收款成功后均有入会成功的短信、邮件及站内信的通知) (Note: The "Payment Notice" is downloaded in the system. There are two payment methods: ① WeChat payment: the status of the member is changed directly to normal; ② Transfer payment: There are two ways to change the status of the member after the receipt of the financial confirmation of the association After the payment is successfully received, there will be notifications of successful membership, including text messages, emails and station letters)

4. After successful membership, the staff will mail the association membership certificate, membership invoices and other related materials to the company contact person within 5-10 working days. The courier order, certificate and invoice information will be uploaded to your corporate account at the same time, you can log in to the member management-association documents to view.

5. If you need to apply for invoicing, please fill in the invoice information and submit the application in Member Management-Invoicing Information Management.

入会操作手册 For detailed operation procedures, please downloadJoining Operation Manual

If you encounter operational problems during the membership process, please contact → Contact person: Ma Cong Phone number: 15210596645  

Finally, you are welcome to join the China Town Heating Association! Thank you for your support and affirmation of the work of China Town Heating Association! We will give full play to the role of the bridge between government departments and enterprises, provide services, respond to demands, develop self-discipline, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, strengthen industry standards, and promote the sustainable development of urban heating in China.