Swire Central Heating Project
Taiyuan Heating Power Company is the main force of Taiyuan's centralized heating construction and development. In the 35 years since its establishment, it has continued to forge ahead and work hard to accelerate the construction of urban central heating infrastructure and the improvement of heating management. Especially in the five years since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the company's heating construction has developed rapidly. Six projects including the Second Power Plant Phase 7, Ruiguang Heating, Jiajie Heating, Huaneng Dongshan, Southern Heating, and Swire Heating have been added. Heating capacity of about 100 million square meters. The cumulative network expansion over the five years totaled more than 98 million square meters, accounting for nearly 70% of the company's current total heating area, and 2.1 times the company's first 30 years of heating area.

In 2016, Taiyuan Thermal Power completed and commissioned the Taikoo district heating project with the largest scale, the most difficult construction and the strictest technical requirements in China. The project uses Gujiao Xingneng Power Plant with two 300MW units in the first phase, two 600MW units in the second phase and two 660MW units in the third phase. With a total investment of 4.8 billion yuan, four trunk pipe networks with a diameter of 1.4 meters are laid, with a total length of 37.8 kilometers. Construction of three relay pump stations, an accident water supply station and a relay energy station.

The design and construction of the project set a number of domestic and international precedents.

项目总规模可达7600万平方米,占太原市现有供热面积的35%以上。 I. Large scale of heating: The total scale of the project can reach 76 million square meters, accounting for more than 35% of the existing heating area in Taiyuan.

高温网输送距离达37.8公里,市区一级网距离还有20余公里,属超长距离输送项目。 2. Long conveying distance: The conveying distance of the high-temperature network reaches 37.8 kilometers, and the distance of the first-level network in the urban area is still more than 20 kilometers, which is an ultra-long-distance conveying project.

建设路由复杂: 主管线直埋、架空,与引黄管线、高速路、铁路支线等多次交叉。 3. The construction route is complicated: the main line is buried directly or overhead, and it intersects with the Yellow River pipeline, expressway, and railway branch line many times.

电厂与中继能源站地面高差达180米,形成系统静压2.3MPa,基本接近供热行业最大设计压力2.5MPa。 4. Large terrain height difference: The ground height difference between the power plant and the relay energy station reaches 180 meters, forming a system static pressure of 2.3 MPa, which is basically close to the maximum design pressure of 2.5 MPa for the heating industry.

古交市区段管线敷设中6次穿越汾河,多处劈山,建设了总长约500米的三座穿山隧道及1200米大型钢结构桁架桥;太原市区段管线的敷设中,建设了3座供热专用隧道,总长15.17公里,其中3号隧道为11公里的特长隧道。 5. Difficulty of construction workers: In the laying of pipelines in Gujiao City, six crossings of the Fen River were carried out, and several mountain cleavages were carried out. Three mountain-crossing tunnels with a total length of about 500 meters and 1200-meter large-scale steel structure truss bridges were constructed; section pipelines in Taiyuan City During the installation, three heating-only tunnels were built, with a total length of 15.17 kilometers, of which the No. 3 tunnel was an 11-kilometre long tunnel. Tunnel construction passed through bad geological conditions such as coal seam area, mined-out area and 17 fault fracture zones. At the same time, many unfavorable factors such as water gushing, gas, landslides, rock bursts, and large deformations were overcome.

该项目综合采用了乏汽余热利用、大温差输送、多级中继循环泵联动等先进技术,全网实现自动控制、自动检漏,隧道内实现无人值守自动监控。 6. High technical difficulty: The project comprehensively uses advanced technologies such as exhaust steam waste heat utilization, large temperature difference transmission, and multi-stage relay circulation pump linkage, etc., to achieve automatic control, automatic leak detection throughout the network, and unattended automatic monitoring in the tunnel.

项目从2014年3月正式开工,从开工到投运只有2年7个月的建设期,供热隧道贯通只用了2年的时间。 7. The construction period is short: The project officially started in March 2014. The construction period was only 2 years and 7 months from the start to operation. The heating tunnel only took 2 years to pass through.

3座中继泵站及中继能源站需与电厂首站实行多级泵站联调联控,6级水泵必须通过自控装置达到同步起停,同步调速,联动运行,较常规工程调控难度更大。 Eight, high control requirements: 3 relay pump stations and relay energy stations need to implement multi-stage pumping stations with the first station of the power plant. It is more difficult to control than conventional engineering.

It is estimated that after the completion of the Taikoo project, it can save 931,000 tons of standard coal, save 57 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, save 29.64 million tons of water, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2.44 million tons, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 3798 tons, and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. 1,052 tons, reducing 2,104 tons of dust emissions, and significant energy saving and environmental protection benefits.

In November 2016, Swire Central Heating Project was officially put into operation. In the winter of 2017, it entered the second heating season. So far, the project facilities and equipment are operating normally. The overall heating system is operating efficiently and stably. All indicators are better than expected.