China Town Heating Association

China Thermal Association [2016] No. 6

Notice on convening on-site communication meeting on clean and efficient coal utilization technology

Each member unit:

In order to accelerate the clean and efficient utilization of coal, effectively alleviate the pressure on resources and the environment, and realize the innovation and green development of the heating industry, drawing on the operation of the Tianjin 5 × 58MW high efficiency pulverized coal heating boiler pilot project, I will set it on June 1, 2016. Held an on-site exchange seminar on clean and efficient coal utilization technology in Tianjin. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Meeting time

Reported all day on May 31, 2016, held a meeting on June 1, and returned on June 2. (To facilitate the participation of member units, May 30 in Beijing to participate in the "2016 China International HVAC Summit" and " Delegates from the “China Heating Exhibition” can be directly transferred from Beijing to Tianjin to participate in the meeting on May 31).

Agenda arrangements

(1) Agenda of the meeting

1. Speeches by leaders of relevant government departments in Tianjin;

2. A speech from the person in charge of the China Urban Heating Association;

3. Tianjin Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. introduced the design, construction and operation results of the 5 × 58MW high efficiency pulverized coal heating boiler pilot project;

4. Lanzhou Thermal Power Corporation introduces the construction, transformation, operation and experience of pulverized coal furnaces;

5. China Coal Research Institute introduced the research and development of clean coal utilization technology;

6. Zhejiang University explains the ultra-low emission industrial application of coal-fired boilers;

7. Shanxi Lantian Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced high-efficiency pulverized coal boiler technology;

8. Zhejiang Feida Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. introduced boiler flue gas treatment technology;

9. Beijing Huayuan Taimeng Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced waste heat recovery technology.

(2) On-site exchange agenda

1. Visit the Huayuan 5 × 58MW High Efficiency Pulverized Coal Heating Boiler Pilot Project Boiler Room, Pulverizing Workshop and Boiler Flue Gas Desulfurization, Denitrification and Dust Removal Workshop

2. Participants exchanged on-site discussions on clean and efficient coal utilization technologies.

3. Venue

Tianjin Haihe Holiday Hotel, Address: Block A, Phoenix Trade Plaza, Haihe East Road, Hebei District, Tianjin. Contact number: 022-26278888.

Meeting costs

700 yuan / person (including conference affairs and information fees), provided by the China Urban Heating Association invoice (posted after the conference); accommodation costs are self-care (single room, standard room are 430 yuan / room).

Participants are kindly requested to provide feedback on the participants and room use before May 20, 2016 (see the attachment for the meeting receipt) in order to book the meeting room in advance.

V. Conference organization and contact information

Organizer: China Town Heating Association

Contact: Tong Jingfeng (Secretariat of the Association) Tel: 010-57670556

Xu Ou (Heat Measurement Department) Tel: 022-23024661

Organizer: Tianjin Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 142, Racecourse Road, Heping District, Tianjin, 300074

Contact (meeting receipt):

Li Jianian (Ministry of Heating Industry, Tianjin Energy Group)

Phone: 022-81267895 Mobile: 18920290928

Fax: 022-81267897 E-mail:

Relevant matters

(1) Arrangement for pick-up. Meeting delegates who need to arrange a pick-up, please indicate in the meeting receipt, and determine the pick-up time and number of people in advance with the pick-up contact person in order to arrange the vehicle in advance (contact person: Zhang Wei, phone 13823118932)

(2) If there is no need to arrange a pick-up, after meeting delegates arrive at Tianjin Airport or Railway Station, they can go to the hotel in the following ways:

1. Tianjin Binhai International Airport is about 20 kilometers away from the hotel. You can take subway line 2 (toward Caozhuang) from the airport and get off at Dongnanjiao Station. It is about 2.5 kilometers away from the hotel. You can take a taxi for about 9 yuan; you can also take bus 849 or 954 and get off at Century Tianle Station and walk about 230 meters to reach the hotel.

2. The distance from Tianjin Station to the hotel is 3.5 kilometers. The taxi fare is about 11 yuan.

3. The distance from Tianjin West Railway Station to the hotel is 5.6 kilometers. The taxi fare is about 14 yuan.

4. The distance from Tianjin South Railway Station to the hotel is 22 kilometers, and the taxi fare is about 53 yuan.

(3) Transfer plan from Beijing to Tianjin

Conference delegates who participate in professional conferences and exhibitions in Beijing from May 30 to 31 can take the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity or Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train at Beijing South Station to Tianjin Station, Tianjin West Station, or Tianjin South Station.

Note: Beijing-Tianjin Intercity and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail departs every 15 minutes on average every 6 minutes and the journey takes about 35 minutes.

May 10, 2016

※special reminder:

1. The conference team will print the address book and mail the conference materials fee invoice according to the "Meeting Receipt", and please kindly and accurately fill in the meeting receipt.

2. Please fill in the number of various types of rooms required by the unit in the corresponding position, so that the conference group can book in advance.

3. Please state the pick-up requirements in the meeting receipt. Participants who have not been able to determine specific information such as the pick-up time during the receipt of the receipt, please explain the situation in the "Remarks" and contact the conference team as soon as possible to determine the pick-up requirements. Those who do not fill in the pick-up requirements are deemed not to need pick-ups.