Smart heating is the development direction of the industry. In 2019, the China Urban Heating Association organized the "Blue Book on Chinese Heating 2019-Smart Heating in Cities and Towns", which detailed the standard architecture of smart heating. Some national and industry standards also include group standards that are still pending. Welcome industry leaders and experts to participate and actively sign up to contribute to the development of heating.

In response to the growing industry demand for smart heating, the China Urban Heating Association is currently organizing the construction of a smart heating standard system. The content of the standard system under construction is as follows:

Intelligent heating standard system under construction

In 2018, the association organized the preparation of 8 group standards. Up to now, 4 group standards have been officially published and the remaining 4 items have entered the review stage. It is worth mentioning that one group standard that has been published has passed the national standard application. In 2019, the association organized the preparation of 10 group standards. As of now, three items are about to enter the stage of soliciting opinions.

Colleagues, the preparation of association standards is being carried out in an orderly manner. In the future, more group standards will be organized and compiled, and the action is not as good as possible. The opportunity for standard preparation next year is right here!

China Town Heating Association

Notice on Soliciting Group Standard Projects in 2020

China Thermal Association Bid Committee [2019] No. 8

Each member unit:

In order to promote the formulation of the China Thermal Association Association Standards and promote the standardization of the heating industry groups in China, the 2020 Association Standards Development and Declaration Work is now initiated. All member units are eligible to apply. Member units with a certain standard preparation basis are welcome. Actively declare. After the approved project is approved by the Association's Standardization Committee, the association will organize the recruitment of participating units throughout the industry. The specific notice is as follows:

I. Declaration Principles and Scope

1. Focus on market demand and technological innovation in heating-related fields, and should meet the requirements of relevant laws, regulations and mandatory standards, highlighting forward-looking and leading new technologies in social, economic, environmental, and environmental protection areas , New methods, new materials, new processes, new equipment, etc .;

2. Encourage existing local standards and enterprise standards that need to be promoted and applied nationwide, and apply for conversion to association group standards;

Second, the declaration category

The declared projects include the engineering construction standards and product standards to be edited; the industry standards of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development have been converted into group standards, and they are welcome to be included in the standard management system of the China Urban Heating Association for revision.

Application Procedures

The application unit downloads and fills in the "China Urban Heating Association Standard Project Proposal", submits the draft standard (or outline) to be edited and stamps it, and submits it to the Standardization Working Committee of the China Urban Heating Association.

Fourth, other matters

1. The deadline for the application of the first batch of China Urban Heating Association Group Standard Projects in 2020 is December 30, 2019.

2. For each standard application, a paper version (one copy) and an electronic version (one copy) should be submitted, and the paper version should be consistent with the electronic version.

3. The reporting unit shall have the status of an independent legal person, and the name of the unit shall be consistent with the official seal.

4. The application documents should be clear and accurate, and the patent issues should be filled in truthfully. The research and awards, engineering applications, etc. should be submitted with written explanations and certification materials.

5. If there are recommendations from industry experts, expert opinions should be attached.

6. For other specific requirements, please refer to the “Administrative Measures for Group Standards of China Urban Heating Association”.

V. Contact Information

Address: No. 2A, Nanba Road, Xiba, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Contact: Wang Xin

Phone: 010-64648062 13911612854


China Town Heating Association

November 25, 2019

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Notice on Soliciting Group Standard Projects in 2020

Annex "Administrative Measures for Group Standards of China Urban Heating Association"

Attachment "China Urban Heating Association Group Standard Project Proposal"