Notice of Launch of Member Management System for Association Member Companies Offline

Since January 17, 2020, the association has launched a membership management system for members who have joined the offline membership system. The system account number and password have been sent to the company's reserved contact and office director via SMS. Please pay attention to check! If the contact person or contact information has not been received, please contact the association in time.

Contact: Li Jie

Phone: 15810106815

详细操作流程请下载 企业会员操作说明 If you need to change the detailed operation process of the member information , please download Operation instructions of corporate members

操作方法详见操作说明第四条。 The Association's 2020 Member Handbook data is being collected. Each member unit is required to log in to the system before February 2020 and submit the Member Handbook data. For details, please refer to Article 4 of the Operating Instructions.

Thank you for your cooperation!