China Town Heating Association

Notice about applying for invoices for 2019 orders as soon as possible

Dear colleagues in the industry:

In order to cooperate with the year-end financial settlement of the Association and its subsidiary company "District Heating" Magazine Co., Ltd., please purchase books (including reservations), periodicals, and online classroom services this year. Units that have billing needs but have not submitted billing information or Individuals, send the order information and billing information to the association's financial mailbox: before December 15, in order to issue you an invoice in a timely manner. After December 15, 2019, invoices for 2019 orders will no longer be issued. Thank you for your cooperation!

64648019/8009 If you have any questions, please call the Association's Finance Phone: 64648019/8009

Finance Department of China Town Heating Association

"District Heating" Magazine Company Finance Department

November 15, 2019