Fu Lin, Director of the Urban Energy Planning Professional Committee: Comprehensive urban energy planning should lead China's clean and sustainable heating supply

Facing the current diversified heating methods and energy structure changes in China, how should the future of urban energy planning go? How to guide China's heating supply towards clean and sustainable development? These are important issues that deserve everyone's serious consideration ...


Former Counselor of the State Council and Former Director of the National Energy Administration Xu Dingming: Comprehensively promote China's energy revolution to build a modern heating system

From May 6th to 7th, 2019, the "China Heating Exhibition and China International HVAC Summit" was grandly held at the New China Exhibition in Beijing. The forum includes the association and the German Federal Heating Industry Association, Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China Exhibition ...


Tsinghua experts take you to a picture to understand the clean heating of northern cities and towns

The main requirements for clean heating 1. Comprehensively meet the winter heating needs to ensure a better life; 2. Reduce related pollutant emissions and improve winter smog; 3. Reduce total fossil energy consumption and total carbon emissions; 4. Realize thermal power ...

Analysis of the status of biomass natural gas at home and abroad! Development of biomass natural gas will help achieve poverty alleviation in rural areas and effectively improve rural human settlements

Recently, the General Department of the National Energy Administration sought comments on the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Industrialization of Biogas". For the biogas industry in its infancy, it seems like a long drought. China's rural biomass resources are rich, agricultural ...

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